BUTTE COUNTY CCW Qualification and Certification
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BUTTE COUNTY CCW Qualification and Certification

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CLASS DATE: 2nd Friday of the month or by appointment
LOCATION: Range and classroom instruction is held at the CHICO ROD AND GUN CLUB in Chico's Upper Park.
Contact: Onpoint Firearms, David Dominguez, (530)624-2200, Onpoint50@gmail.com

Class Description: This is a minimum 4 hour course approved by the Butte County Sheriff. Class hours are from 5pm-9pm. You can attend and complete this certification course prior to receiving your authorization letter from the Sheriff. You can qualify up to 4 firearms during this class. For the firearms qualification, you are required to shoot a minimum of 10 rounds per firearm you are qualifying. Eight out of ten rounds must be shown within the qualifying rings. No scopes, magnum loads or lasers are permitted. Classroom instruction includes firearms storage laws, areas where carrying concealed firearms are permitted/not permitted, State reciprocity, local and state mandates, legal and civil liabilities etc…followed by a written test.

Please call or email to reserve your spot.

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